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September 3, 2019
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Many people have confusion regarding the terms OEM and ODM. While both the mentioned terms are directly related to the manufacturing sector, they are slightly different from each other. ODM is Original Design Manufacturing while OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturing. Every skincare OEM manufacturer needs to describe these terms.

What is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

OEM are the companies which produce the products based upon the specifications specified by buyers. All OEM colors, functions, materials and design of the product are personalized as per the requirements of the purchaser.

OEM producer never designs any skincare or other product on its own. OEM manufacturers have responsibility up to the extent of product building. Once the OEM item is finished, the buyer can then sell the product with the label of their own.

In the majority of cases, the companies wanting OEM services are private label manufacturers who can print the logo on the article you manufacture.

It is quite common to opt for OEM manufacturers in sectors such as electronics, dietary, cosmetics, automobile industry, supplements and a few more.

However, you require to select a credible skincare OEM manufacturer because you are offering delicate products specifics alongside blueprints to another supplier or organization.

Advantages of OEM Manufacturers

They have the skills to build your product

Excellent customer service

OEM suppliers can develop your product in an inexpensive manner

They can provide mass production regularly

Talking about the warranty, when you integrate with OEM producer, you can expect the manufacturer warranty. Similarly, the majority of OEM organizations offer you a sample so that you can analyze the quality of the final product.

What is Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)?

ODM are firms which design plus manufacture products for their customers. ODM companies make it possible for getting your product market without having a complete design. In this case, the company that created the specs usually retains the design’s ownership.

With hydrosol manufacturer or ODM, there is no requirement for designing of the products. Besides, ODM will demand a low price for the products.


Below is the example to distinguish ODM and OEM.

Assume you are a firm having an idea of a product. However, you are in need of help to mature that product. You have the required blueprint and specifications needed for the creation of the product. SO, you put forward the idea to an OEM to manufacture your product. Eventually, all you have in your plate is to do product branding and sell your product to the customers.

If your company lacks the specifications for your desired product, you have an option of ODM. An ODM can step in and take the responsibility of research and development, design, testing, and manufacturing your product.

Last Word

OEM is responsible for crafting the product according to your desired specifications. While you take the responsibility to market and sell it.

Hydrosol manufacturer in ODM form has the responsibility to design as well as build the product. You have to do marketing and selling.