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July 24, 2019
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October 11, 2019
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Many of the skincare startups have reached to the point that they now want to outsource their manufacturing design or formulations. Outsourcing the products by a skincare OEM manufacturer can appear like a difficult task for the outsourcer. However, as long as you bring the legal agreements in place with the manufacturer, the outsourcer will be adequately saved.

Unfortunately, you will see multiple entrepreneurs entering into such skincare outsourcing agreements with the absence of legal contracts. Therefore, it is encouraged that you must follow the below steps if you have to outsource the manufacturing of your product.

Design and Sign Legally Enforceable Contracts

Many skincare startups only believe in having a non-disclosure or a confidentiality contract only. However, they ought to have an agreement with the manufacturer related to performance. It is recommended that if you are planning to work with a hydrosol manufacturer, you talk to a practicing lawyer with substantial experience working with skincare producers. The lawyer must be a resident in the jurisdiction where the agreement is based.

It will be a considerable cost to hire a lawyer. However, the outsourcer must view the price as an investment for the business. It is quite understandable that you could lose all your money if you don’t have a legally binding contract. In that case, you will have no option to recover the liability amount from the manufacturer.

Safeguard your Intellectual Property (IP)

Outsourcer’s intellectual property is theirs. Therefore the need to ensure that any legal binding must protect the property all the time. If the skincare OEM and anti-aging skincare lines manufacturer wants to make a subtle adjustment to the formulation, is it still your belonging? If you make a decision to cancel the contract with the manufacturer, can you always utilize the same formula? Make Sure your legal protection protects your IP. Also, you ought to think of all the possible scenarios before signing the contract.

Make an Agreement about Sourcing the Product’s Ingredients

Before you outsource the skincare manufacturing, you will require to reach a mutual agreement about where the manufacturer will source the constituents or ingredients.  You might have to abide sustainability regulations which go to the core of business. So, have an agreement which signifies situations if you require to change the supplier. How will your hydrosol manufacturer ensure consistency in case of the sudden need for outsourcing of ingredients from another company?

Wrap Up

Above are three essential points to ponder before going into any outsourcing venture. The legal binding will always help you to work better with your skincare OEM manufacturer.